Monday, October 8, 2012

Braids, Plaits, or Box Braids . . . What do you call them?

 I don't often wear braids and tend not to wear them when I leave the house, but yesterday I decided to plait or braid my hair and wear it braided today.  

Three-strand braids are great for stretching out your hair.  When you take them out, you can wear them as a braid out and may get a little more length showing with your hairstyle than if you just do a twist out.  My hair still shrinks some even when braided, but much, much less so than when I wear it in twists.  When I take these out for a braid out, my hair will not be in a rounded afro.  It will hang down. Many people wear braids on a regular basis without adding additional hair to make their braids look longer or thicker.  I don't add any extra hair.  I prefer a less "scalpy" look, so I just grab a portion of hair and braid it.  Some call them box braids or plaits or just braids. What do you call them?    


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