Sunday, September 2, 2012

Double-strand twists as a protective style

Double-strand twists are a great protective style. What's a protective style?  It's one that keeps you from having to keep combing and manipulating your hair every day and allows your hair to get a rest for a period of time.  A tightly twisted double-strand twist hairstyle may last for a few weeks or a month or so. The bonus is that after you have worn your double strand twists for a few weeks or a month, you then get to do a twist-out hairstyle by undoing the twists and wearing a twist-out that you get from the nicely "set" twists.  I usually wear a twist-out for several days to a week to get more mileage from having done the twists.  There are many types of protective styles and a double-strand twist is just one of them. 
I did these twists using one of my products that I create for my business.  It's a body butter that doubles as a hair product and gives nice tight twists.  Click here to see the Lemongrass Body Butter that I used.  In a future post, I will explain a little bit more about how to do this style.  Have you ever tried doing protective styles?