Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Loose or locs . . . all are welcome

I wear my natural hair loose (afro, shake and go, etc.) or in protective styles, but do not have locs.  Whether you wear locs, keep your hair loose, wear protective styles such as braids, or are just transitioning to natural hair, I welcome you to be part of this blog.  I will be doing interviews later so if you are interested in being interviewed, please send me an email.  Many people just want to use a screen name, so I respect that.  You will need to provide me with your photo when you respond to the questions if I have not taken a picture of you myself so that we may see your beautiful tresses.  This blog will be interactive, so please stop by often and comment on the posts so we may get a dialog going and help each other along this hair journey.

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  1. That would be interesting to find out how others take care of their hair, and to learn from them.