Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yes, it has been awhile again, but look at the hair growth !

Lots has been happening since I last blogged.  In fact, my hair product JDNatlady's Creations Moisturizing Hair Creme, which I make by hand, has taken off locally and I just got my first order from the U.S. mainland online at my Etsy shop.  As you can see from the picture, my hair has been growing a lot.  Shrinkage continues, but, hey, that's what my hair does.  I wish you could feel my hair.  I am wearing my hair product and it makes my hair feel so soft.  The crochet scarf is one of the items that I make for one of my other Etsy shops, so you can see I am staying super busy.  Hope to hang out more here and on my other blogs.   


  1. Your Moisturizing Hair Creme is absolutely the best! My hair is normally so dry. I first bought your trial sized hair creme at the Ag Fair and had forgotten that i had it. Once I found it and started using it, I am so Hooked!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for a great product. My hair feels wonderful!

    1. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence Jomo for my JDNatlady's Creations Moisturizing Hair Creme. I am blessed that this product that I created is working so well for so many people and always appreciate hearing back about the great results.